Lynn Anderton

Do you want to feel valued within relationships or situations instead of feeling stuck or fleeing at the first sign of feeling misunderstood?

Well we can help you get to the route of why you act the way you do

Whether it’s a troubling work or relationship situation or that your efforts in trying to make a difference in other people’s lives is unappreciated because you’re not getting the results you want then Typology is a way to help you understand why your emotional interpretation of a situation is likely to be down to your attachment style approach and why this has or is causing you discomfort. Attachment styles are not a new theory but we do it differently by using the projected behaviors of movie characters as a guide so you see how people who are essentially attached in a manner of speaking experience very separate journeys towards success from their assumptions in terms of how they enter and continue within a connection and how this impacts their everyday lives and ambitions.

Why it happens

It’s a fact that most people need validation from others when it comes to feeling good about intimacy or success but some connections can cost you dearly because they don’t compliment who you are as a person or what you’re trying to achieve in life. A healthy relationship in any situation should consist of equal respect for someone’s need to be in a position to live and work how they want without drama or resentment, I know this is easier said than done but how you value who you are and what you do has to come from how you conduct yourself.

So what needs to change

We understand that some relationships and situations can be puzzling and that you may be just trying to make a difference in your chosen career or lifestyle so we’re not here to encourage you to change your personality completely but help you put into perspective why there are certain aspects that require management or a different attitude from yourself and then help you overcome the obstacles to make changes that benefit you:-

And those benefits are:-

  • An understanding of why your attachment type makes particular assumptions in the first place

  • To be more emotionally balanced so your mind is as connected as your heart or visa versa

  • Gain the respect of others because you’ve challenged their perceptions of you

  • Embrace the courage to live and work in a way that suits you instead of feeling that you have to be conventional

So how does it work

There’s an initial bookable E course which has been designed to guide you through a specific movie so you recognize how your type and that of others make choices, the idea is to give you a clear understanding of how your attachment style may be affecting you and what you can do to enable change as we then continue to encourage you to approach situations differently by behaving in a specific way that’s likened to the positive transition of a character according to a specific type
You can then choose to leave your learning there or you can advance into live sessions which consist of either a meet up session (dependent on location) or a telephone mentoring session which consists of prescribing a relevant movie for your attachment style from feedback gained from the E course with the aim of you being able to achieve your best connection, gain the freedom to do your own thing and ultimately to feel less threatened and more content.

Typology E course will launch on 30.10.19 - to get this for half price before the launch date see below for the link together with live session links

Typology E Course
13.50 27.00