Lynn Anderton

Do you feel trapped with a distinct need to escape or do you stay and fight till the bitter end when it comes to relationships?

Well if you’d like to do it differently we have just the thing

We offer a way to help you use the knowledge of how you attach in relationships to change how you approach situations so that others respond to you differently because you’ve added respect and value to your personal brand.
Interestingly when people think about their goals then security, wealth and happiness figure highly but these things can be far reaching if one's journey is interrupted by relationship issues but being that most people want to stay connected as without having someone/s to share the journey with then risk and adventure aren't much fun it's important to negotiate these relationships so it allows you to play the leading role once in while rather than reverting to being the best friend all the time or to take a back seat so that others can shine and you get a rest.

Why it happens

We’re all protecting ourselves regardless of how we attach, there are no good or bad ways, just different ways but obviously some ways result in the same outcome so if you’re someone who goes into relationships or interactions with the idea that someone/s will invariably let you down or leave you or with a view that you’re biding your time till the right one appears then your attachment type will be on high alert within that connection and this also makes the other person act to their type with extremity.

So what needs to change

We are not here to force you to change your type but to help you look at how you can do things differently by showing a characters transformation through viewing why they’re not attracting the right kind of potential partner, why current relationships are puzzling or just the general exhaustion of dealing with friends, family or colleagues that don’t understand your needs.
Obviously when it comes to yourself the endeavor of emulating a change in behavior will take a modicum of courage but we are here to help you build your resilience around pursuing your best connections, managing current ones or having the courage to let the troublesome ones go from the experience of learning to act out as your best self so you reap the benefits of being able to recognize your potential and ultimately do something wonderful with it.

And those benefits are:-

  • Attract and develop deeper connections with others from knowing yourself better

  • To be more emotionally balanced so your mind is as connected as your heart or visa versa

  • Gain the respect of others because you’ve challenged their perceptions of you

So how does it work

You would be required to be mentored through a prescribed movie so you recognize how your type and that of others do things which will give you a clear understanding of how your type is affecting your life. This is designed to encourage you to think differently and behave in a specific way that’s been likened to a characters transition so you interact with who you want by behaving differently to achieve your best connection, gain the freedom to do your own thing and feel less threatened and more content.

The online Type up course will be available shortly so keep checking in on the site for updates