Lynn Anderton
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Do you feel driven by a need to be loved that overrides other things in your life?

Are you starting to feel like everyone around you are getting on with their lives and achieving the success you crave?

Is it becoming increasingly hard to balance relationships with your own ambitions?

Well I felt exactly the same

I'd always had a level of independence that had served me well even through the hard times but it was only when my fear of being alone overrode my once buoyant self-esteem to a degree that led me to over care for others because of my fear of abandonment.  Until this time I'd felt okay in my own company but my feelings of isolation were so impacting that they made me make one bad decision after another.  I'm also ashamed to say that my conduct in a rebound relationship that had consumed me was so out of character that I found it hard to move away until I started using movies as a way to recognize what a healthy relationship looked like again which in turn led me to detach through my own self-development.

Why I used movies

I'm different now largely due to the fact that my story exists within the plots of certain movies and I used them to recover and discover that I had to change in order to invite respect back into my  life. I also learned that trying to replace what I'd lost was a mistake but one worth making as taking responsibility for the part I played in relationships instead of using them as an excuse to not live my own life was a huge step towards gaining authenticity.

Can I help you?

If you're struggling to assert yourself because it's easier than challenging others then I understand just how you feel right now but rest assured your situation IS redeemable - a good place to start is by either signing up to the subscription via the home page to receive a FREE session or visit the shop page to buy a 60 minute session these movie therapy session are intended to help you explore what's holding you back from realizing your potential through the safe space of looking at your favorite movie differently.

What others say

"I would recommend Lynn as a supportive and skilled life coach with an empathetic approach which has enabled me to develop the capacity to find solutions to issues"      NM - London

"Creative way of thinking about my life and where I'm heading"    JH - Liverpool

"It inspired me and I came away feeling confident, optimistic and determined to achieve more things in my life"  SH - Wirral


Lynn is a qualified movie therapist, mentor and life coach who struggled to establish her niche in a crowded coaching market, she'd used movies to self-soothe through many years of dealing with loved ones with ADHD and depression but it was only when her life took an unexpected turn that she discovered that using this creative tool as a baseline allowed her clients to change their lives through seeing themselves differently as she had also learned to do.
Her speciality is self-development and she's worked with a diverse range of people by helping them use movies as a tool to access therapy and coaching more easily with the aim of working towards behavioural change to overcome mental health and work/life balance issues with the support of The School of Social Entrepreneurs where she graduated from as a fellow on the Social Innovators for Health program.