Lynn Anderton
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Do you feel trapped in the wrong story - is it time to break free, overcome conflict and create a better story for yourself?

Well we have just the thing

We offer a way to help you use the projected images/words from movies to help you turn a terrible story into something remarkable by helping you see what the story of your life looks like by drawing on movies.  The aim is to help you discover WHAT you want your life to look like through the experience of changing your script and through the simple recognition that the way you view your life has an impact on the decisions you make. 
Interestingly when people think about their goals then security, wealth and happiness figure highly but these things can be far reaching if one's journey is interrupted by relationship issues but being that most people want to stay connected as without having someone/s to share the journey with then risk and adventure aren't much fun it's important to negotiate these relationships so it allows you to play the leading role once in while rather than just reverting back to being the best friend.

Why it happens

Sometimes we chose to believe that our existence is unremarkable and we unconsciously project a dreary life to the rest of the world, this is because it's familiar and safe to do this but when you think of great stories, sometimes the best part of the story is when the protagonist faces their greatest fear and moves forward. 
The best way to show this in action is through the movie 'The Wizard of Oz' - it's the perfect example of being presented with a challenge, a mentor, being supported/supporting like minded characters, having to assert oneself and realizing that the answer is just a click away.

So how can you find your answer

Our aim is to help you learn to replace that old home movie that's been playing in your head for a much more positive version so you rewrite your own story by taking inspiration from characters journeys which in turn gives you an understanding of what you truly want, how to overcome barriers that hold you back and how to end up with a clear picture of the result you want to achieve.  Obviously this endeavor takes a modicum of courage but movies offer a level of safety which gives you the opportunity to build your resilience around keeping connections that can be managed, dealing with the troublesome ones or having the courage to let some go but the idea is that you learn to cut through fear and excuses and eventually leave the couch behind to claim your calling in the world.

The benefits to you will be:-

* An opportunity to build resilience from a safe space
* A structure that helps you tackle ongoing issues by using movies as a tool to self-solve
* Clarity around what you truly want and what motivates you to take the steps to achieve it

So how does it work

We can all resonate with the painful scenes that play out in certain movies, whether it's rejection, failure or crisis, the idea is to help you set your challenge to change these things by first identifying what your story actually is and how it's been playing out in your life -  you can do this by seeing how characters change situations in real time by signing up to our Members Area this will allow the process of bringing positive mentors into your life by talking you through certain movies as a means of helping you acknowledge your story and decide whether or not it's working for you.

Taking the next step

Want to make changes to your story, who you interact with or to your behaviour but feel you can't do it all on your own? Then we can provide you with the means to do just that through a movie of your choice or a prescribed movie selected with your situation in mind together with guidelines on how to watch the movie differently and a masterclass intended to help you make the changes necessary to live a better life.
The masterclass can be conducted as a single telephone (go to shop page to book) or a series of sessions each of which involves working through a series of interactive exercises to you move towards taking actions that benefit you, if you prefer a face to face experience then you may find an intensive 1/2 day experience more beneficial in this case then why not come to my locality where quiet spots in a vibrant city can be sought - use the form on the contact page to state your preferences in terms of how you'd like sessions to proceed - telephone/face to face/intensive together with any questions to receive an idea of how the program would run and an non-obligatory quote.