Lynn Anderton

The truth is no man is an island or woman for that matter and sooner or later interaction is inevitable if purpose is desired.

Our intervention is a very different way for people to self-develop as we use movies as a safe space for people to recognize their personality traits and then use the findings as a vehicle for interacting with others differently and motivating themselves towards their own goals.

The idea was originally born from my reluctance to engage with conventional therapy as I felt that nothing could fix the heartache I felt from others reluctance to reciprocate the same care that I gave to relationships or situations but as it turns out I had to learn that people have differing levels of closeness to others or situations and this light bulb moment came about from viewing certain movies which in turn created a way to recover and move forward.

So how can this benefit your organisation?

Self-development is by it’s very nature intrusive but we’re not in the business of making people feel uncomfortable on the contrary we want people to see their behaviors from a new perspective by exploring movies so they understand themselves and what they bring into their interaction with others and what effect others have on them so that it improves their lives with a view to understanding whether it’s working for them or not.

If you would like to discuss how we can help then connect for an informal chat or meeting so that together we can make people’s experience a positive and productive one through interacting with others differently.