Lynn Anderton

Do you feel that there’s someone else inside you that imagines doing something different but it’s likely you’re standing in your own way?

Well you're in the right place to find out why this happens

If you’ve realized that you’re just not getting anywhere by being your usual self and that you need to change things or in other words become a tad selfish in order to get what you want then we have a program that's been specifically designed for people who feel that their previous or ongoing need to be in certain situations no matter how emotionally draining or time consuming far outweighs pursuing one's own life or ambitions.  If you find or have found the roller coaster of emotions of being flattered, knowing no boundaries and repeating a specific scenario gives quick fix excitement that's perpetuated putting your own needs aside to sustain a feeling of usefulness then we can help you break this cycle once and for all by gaining self-control, worthiness and motivation so that you seek out healthier encounters by establishing a renewed sense of self and purpose which eventually will result in your achieving your own goals.

So what's stopping you change

Is the thought of negotiating a new way of doing things so far out of your comfort zone that staying within a relationship or situation is easier than the short term discomfort that replaces the enjoyment of feeling that any interaction is better than nothing at all because it's making you feel needed, important or that at least you exist.

Who's it for?

Whether you're in a relationship right now, looking for one or want to reflect on what has or hasn't worked in the past this experience is intended to help you look at your own intimate connections differently through the eyes of movie characters so you break patterns that keep you stuck by learning to balance compassion, respect and equality within close relationships which in turn has a far reaching impact on all other interactions that you experience in the future through leisure and work.
If you'd like to try something different then our intervention offers you the opportunity to work through a specific movie that firstly looks at what motivates you with the emphasis on coaching you to experience ownership of your issues so you work towards a clear intended goal that helps you make changes that impact your life.

What you'll learn

  • How to set limits with others so time spent doing your own thing is fulfilling and productive rather than isolating or guilt ridden by defining how you got to this point through timelines so you can up your own personal brand.

  • How to put assumptions aside because when you learn how much your worth you'll start to create financial freedom by mapping out different futures from seeing yourself as a valuable product.

  • How to adopt a what about me attitude so you take care of what you like and your energy isn't taken up with being forced to like what you get by acting in your own interests to realize your own dreams.

The benefits to you

A loosening of the emotional constraints that currently keep you stuck and trapped by learning how to respond to others in a clear, concise way that helps you take on a thoughtful but assertive manner so that you can focus on your goals whilst establishing healthy connections that foster value and acceptance.
You'll have higher self-esteem, believe in your worthiness and feel justified to action your long-term goals because you've learned to look a little deeper at your motives for wanting a life that's creating purpose rather than reverting back to old patterns.

How we roll

To get involved connect with us for a consultation to see if we fit the bill - fill in and send the form via the contact page to arrange a callback - during an arranged call we will work through what you require and how you want to work such as telephone or face to face sessions which can be conducted over a period of time or as an intensive day session - information gained from the chat and preferences will then result in you receiving more information about the process and a non-obligatory quote.