Lynn Anderton

 Know your type to fall in love with your life

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Helping people achieve their own desires from knowing how they attach to others

Everyone deserves to get what they want once in a while but if it’s not happening for you then it’s likely you’re sabotaging your own efforts because of the importance you place on connecting with others but don’t despair as we can help you balance your own needs with negotiating new or existing personal or professional relationships.
We understand that connection is vital to one’s well-being but purpose is just as important and sometimes individual resources can often be lost through the misunderstanding of a situation, therefore we offer an intervention that’s been designed to help you react in a way that comes from the heart but protects your own interests so you defuse conflict easily and create an equal, harmonious and more productive environment in which to grow your goals.


Meet Lynn

From loving too much to feeling authentic by acting like movie characters to create better outcomes for myself


Are you stuck in your type when it comes to your self-worth, break free to add value to who you are and what you do

1 to 1 Coaching

Create long lasting empowerment with bespoke coaching that develops the confidence you need to succeed

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For Business

Helping the people you work with improve how they interact with others from having an awareness of how they attach

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